CNN Virtual “Weebles” Explain Voting

In the ultimate dumbing down of cable news, CNN used virtual “Weebles” to explain how Iowa caucus voters cast their votes. Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Gloria Borger and Erin Burnett could barely keep a straight face as the 3D animated “Weebles” appeared on the table in front of them. Virtual reality is not new in cable news (remember the Will i Am hologram?) but this time the expensive technology was used to show caucus goers virtually showing up at voting stations. At least Anderson Cooper had the sense to predict a likely caucus result – an inevitable appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. “Weebles”, by the way, is a trademark for a toy that wobbles but stays upright from the 1970′s. A vintage commercial below:


Published on January 03, 2012

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