J-Lo and 24-Year-Old Boyfriend In Steamy New Video

J-Lo features her much younger scantily-clad boyfriend, Casper Smart, in her latest music video “Dance Again.” Smart and Lopez leave little to the imagination in the steamy video. 24-year-oldĀ Smart is no stranger to heat, he’s been arrested twice for speeding and driving on a suspended license. Smart has also had three warrants issued for his arrest for failure to appear at required court hearings related to his arrests.


Published on April 06, 2012

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  1. For 24 Casper looks older than that…

  2. Oh J-lo, please stop embarrassing yourself…

  3. hmmm….not fussy about the sodom and gomorrha (sp?) feel….”Artists”…celebrities..whatever you want to call them…lose focus on their talent..and seem to become obsessed with becoming the coolest…the hottest..or the richest. The girl can sing and move…but all we see now is a body….and she wants to have sex…same ole same ole these days.

  4. That song and film clip is bloody awful! I’m sorry I watched it….

  5. Juvenile

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