The New York Post Cover Story Fail

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Yesterday it was CNN, now it’s the NY Post. An image published by the New York newspaper suggested a teenage runner watching the race may somehow have been linked to the Boston bombings.


The NY Post said the photos were taken shortly before the deadly blasts. They published the photos under a huge front page headline which read, “Bag Men. Feds Seek These Two.”

Turns out, according to ABC, one of the men is a 17-year-old who claims he was just there to watch the race.

Salah Barhoun, 17, said he went to the police yesterday to clear his name after he found himself tagged in pictures online. He said he had actually wanted to run the race and when he couldn’t, decided to watch.

CNN says their sources also indicate the men pictured in the photo “have moved down the list.”

Yesterday Both CNN and the AP reported an arrest in the case but this turned out to be false.

CNN’s John King also quoted authorities as saying they were looking for a “dark-skinned” man.

On Monday, police also questioned a Saudi man but later said he was not a suspect.

The Post has been heavily criticized for its headline and coverage but it’s hard not to spot a trend here.

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Published on April 18, 2013

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