Obama’s Stirring New Gay Rights Ad

President Barack Obama’s campaign has just put out a new campaign ad/documentary narrated by “Glee” star Jane Lynch. It puts in context his promises to the LGBT community during the 2008 campaign and the steps his administration has taken to bring equality to Gays and Lesbians across the country, culminating in his outright support of marriage equality a couple of weeks ago. The ad is part of the campaign’s strategy to strengthen it base support ahead of the November elections but it’s hard to dismiss it as just politics – it is clearly part of the President’s core values, “it’s not just a matter of head. Its a matter of heart. It’s who I am.”


Published on May 24, 2012

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  1. I am so proud of all President Barack Obama has accomplished. I am proud of him for standing up for the rights of all Americans.

  2. Mr. President- allow binational LGBT couples to file for Green cards now. Its something you can do without congress.

    Our families are being torn apart and we need you to protect us now.

    Some of us have already been torn apart from the ones we love and for others its just a matter of time.

    Please! Help us now.

    Google Jon and Nedo for more information.

  3. This man is a courageous president. A rare politician who stands up for what he believes, and not necessarily what will get him reelected.

  4. Mr. President, thank you.

  5. Thank you Mr. President!!!!

  6. i do hope that this equality will gonna be the ground that every individual will be be alarm, we are created equally by GOD, respect of every individual is the KEY for the nation success ,i really do appreciate President Barack Obam for accomplish this right not only in american people but also for asian people like me,

  7. While this is commendable we have a MUCH larger issue at stake and that is our national debt that he is banktupting and destroying this country with. If we don’t stop this guy from spending us into oblivium all of these other issues will not matter because we will be OWNED. Really think about your choices. The film 2016 is a true eye opener that only confirms the hidden agenda of this guy and ALL Americans need to be open enough to learn and consider th at this guy is killing the USA in a slow death. Just go and decide for yourself. Do not romanticize this eloquent speaker. Our nations survival is at stake!

  8. It is President Obama that gives me the pride I have in our country. I am scared to death that we will lose this if, and hopefully that “IF” will not come true, the Republicans will have fought their dirty campaign in vain.

  9. I am proud of the President and his compassionate and wise leadership. I am proud of my siblings, both of whom are gay. I like what BO said, “We are not a nation of don’t ask, don’t tell. We are a nation of ‘out of many are one.’”

  10. I am proud to stand behind Obama on this issue.
    It takes a great person to look past their own ideals and moral standards and reach out to those who are few in number, but strong in heart to say that you matter. That your families matter and your relationships matter.
    I am proud of my president.

  11. joe public, if you think there are bigger issues now, you have no idea what Romney/Ryan will create. You show your ridiculous mindset just by believing a film. Everyone needs to get out there and show the facts. Women and Gays will be taken back to the 1920 under R/R. Don’t let that happen. If you want to see the truth about their Path to Prosperity Plan, visit oldfartlife.com Get real and ready to fight to keep our country.


    Bi-national same-sex couples need to be allowed to live together. My partner and I are 4000 miles apart, and have been for years. Mr. Obama can do something about this!!

  13. Very proud to hear our president support equal rights for all Americans – This has been slow in coming but progress is being made. I wish the GOP would wake up and support equality for ALL Americans as well. The right to choose your life path and happiness is what America is all about. We also need to work together as a family to get our nations spending under control. Many other important issues need to be addressed as well. This is one of many. I hope we all can work together to make a better and stronger nation. It is time to move forward and not backward. I hope that President Obama will make that happen.

  14. Thank You Mr President for all you have done!!!

  15. Apparently, you don’t remember that he promised us to end “don’t ask, don’t tell”, by the very first executive order, as soon as he was inaugurated. We waited almost 4 years to have that happen and HE DIDN’T INITIATE IT. It was the Log Cabin Republicans who took DADT to the Courts and got it thrown out. Only AFTER that happened, was he forced to sign it. BUT, he took credit for it nonetheless.

    Apparently, you are still drinking the KoolAid. What did he do for gay rights when he was first in office and the Democrats had the White House, the Senate, and the House. He and Democrats DID NOTHING!

    When will you wake up!!!

  16. The Federal Government has no place in this debate. It is entirely a States issue. Why isn’t Obama doing what he should be doing, as in balance the Federal budget! He has accomplished nothing of note during his time in office other than spend a bunch of our money on bad ideas like Solyndra. What a loser.

  17. I am so proud of President Obama and all he has accomplished, he could’ve had accomplished more if it wasn’t for the Senate or Congress blocking the things he wanted to do. What President Bush left behind could not be fixed in 3 and half years, it took Clinton 8 years to fix the mess that Bush father had left behind, My vote is for Obama, and I encourage others to not fall into the lies of the Conservative, Bible thumping fundamentalist Republicans, because if they win, we will see all these accomplishments go down the drain, we WILL loose what rights we have gained.

  18. He is a good man. He is an honorable man. He is a man for the people…no matter what their sexual orientation is. He is the man for the future.

  19. That was friggin beautiful. I’m definitely looking forward to 4 more years with Obama!

  20. One suggestion for this website: I recommend that you change the title to “Stirring New LGBT Rights Ad” (instead of “Gay Rights”).

    That said, when I think of all the hateful rhetoric that I hear/read about every day, when I think about the Republican party’s platform, when I think of all the great advances that have been made… I don’t forget how far we still have to go, but this video does makes me weepy.

  21. “I believe that marage is between one man and one woman” who said this?
    A) George W. bush
    B) Barak Obama
    C) Bill Clinton
    D) Joe Biden
    E) All of the above

    The answer is E!!! I guess they are all homophobes? Oh wait Obama changed his mind because he was behind in the poles, I guess it is Ok to Evolve?

    P.S. Dick Chaney supports his gay daughter since she came years ago, I guess that makes him way ahead of Barak?

  22. President Obama is a man for all seasons.

    A warrior for the people , a just and fair leader and he has my support

  23. For those who continue to argue that President Obama did nothing while there was a Democratic majority in Congress…. First of all, he’s accomplished plenty. And you DO realize that the Republican filibuster of nearly everything else was what kept more progress from occurring, since Mitch McConnell and pals flatly stated that their primary mission was to make Obama a one-term president – not to help the country, but to regain power at any cost. And there were not 60 votes to overcome the filibuster since every Republican was voting against anything Obama said – even if the original proposal was theirs. This was manifest in issue after issue. Just to point out one that got little publicity – At the point in the Bush Administration that Democrats were holding up five of his judicial appointments, do you know how many nominations Republicans were holding up at the same point in the Obama Administration? Go ahead, guess… 1? 3? 9? 15? Nope. The GOP was holding up EIGHTY-EIGHT! Yes, 88. When they finally were prodded (by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, no less) to vote on nominees because of the havoc and back-up this was causing in our court system, they voted almost all of them in nearly unanimously! Why? Because they didn’t actually have any REASON for holding them up… they just did it to oppose the President. To my mind, when you stop the processes of the nation for no good reason, that should be treason.
    I realize that’s off the topic of gay rights. So let’s get back to that. The GOP platform would make gays such second class citizens that improvements to the economy would still be secondary for many of them. It’s still legal to fire someone simply for being gay in a majority of the states. While I’m in favor of entrepreneurship, so you don’t have to depend on a boss… for those who prefer to have a job, how does a good economy help if you’re fired and have no protection, even though you did nothing wrong? And this is supposed to be the land where everyone has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Do you really think our gay citizens would be happy under the GOP platform? Mr. Obama’s biggest mistake was trying to reach across the aisle on too many issues for too long, rather than trying to ram them through, like Bush did. I saw a good analogy that the GOP saying Obama isn’t getting anything done is like Lucy saying Charlie Brown isn’t kicking the football.

  24. Obama is a truly great man and has done more for the GLBT community than any President in history. I hope our community will support him. To think that anyone in the GLBT community would support the Republican nominee is heartbreaking since that nominee doesn’t believe we are equal human beings. That is wrong. Thanks to President Obama for fighting the good fight!

  25. And this is why I won’t vote for him…

  26. I’ve never been more proud of a president of our country.

  27. Obama, stand by God and he’ll stand by you. Don’t do stupid things for votes.

  28. Some people say marriage between partners of the same sex and other LGBT civil rights issues should be decided by the states. I emphatically disagree. All Americans should have the same rights and protections under the law. I appreciate President Obama’s support on this and was very disappointed, though not surprised, by the platform of the Republicans. This is not a small issue. Equal rights and protections for our citizens (and certainly in principle for the inhabitants of all the planet) are fundamental to who we are as a country that values human rights and strong families. The economy and the deficit are important but cannot be used to frighten us into turning our backs on equal rights and protections for ourselves and our fellow citizens. I am also not convinced that the Republicans have offered a solution to our economic woes nor that President Obama is trying to destroy this country. Please continue to educate yourselves as there is a great deal of misinformation offered at this time.

  29. Go Obama; the gay community’s President Lincoln! Well I think it’s about time we have a just and brave President who actually believes in equality across the nation/world and acts on it. What other courageous politician(s) will take his lead, step up and start, “Doing unto others….” Luke 6: 31 :) http://jasonjdotbiz.wordpress.com/

  30. And this is one of the reasons why I will vote for president Obama again this November. This shows what a remarkable humanitarian he is. That ad brought tears to my eyes…

  31. Mahalo, Mr. President!

  32. Obama dispite so many different views is a very brave man to take on a country which was so badly damged and is doing his best to recover the country. I am not a American but as I outsider I can see that americans should be aware of who day will choose as their next president. Will they choose a president that is fighting really hard to make it better or the one who wants to take it back to a dark ages?

  33. barrack obama is a disgrace to this country.

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