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    Madonna Not Happy With Lourdes Smoking

    Here’s a great interview with Madonna by NBC’s Harry Smith. Madge says she was less than happy her 15-year-old daughter Lourdes was snapped smoking a cigarette and says she needs to be a ‘tougher’ mom.…

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    GMA Poised To Defeat Today Show

    In what will be the end of an incredible streak at the top of the morning show ratings, ABC’s Good Morning America seems to have  won a full week of ratings against its nemesis, NBC’s…

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    Romney Gets Glittered

    So here are two views of Mitt Romney getting ‘glittered’. It all went down at a rally in Eagan, MN as the GOP presidential frontrunner was about to take the stage. Romney took it in his…

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    Romney Takes Florida

    Mitt Romney has delivered a big blow to his opponents in Florida, winning the Sunshine State’s Primary very convincingly. Both CNN and FOX News projected a winner shortly after all the polls closed at 8pm.…

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    Swing State

    Mitt Romney tore into Newt Gingrich at the start of tonight’s CNN debate in Florida. This week, Gingrich pulled an ad which labelled Romney the most “anti immigration candidate” after Senator Marco Rubio said it…

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    Governor Mitt Romney went on the offensive, attacking Newt Gingrich in Tampa, Florida tonight. It was the 18th debate in the Republican primary process and it was full of fireworks. In the first minutes, Romney went on…

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    ‘Occupy’ Crashes Hit TV Set

    Occupy protesters in New York crashed the set of NBC’s Law And Order SVU last night. The Occupiers are upset over a fictional representation of a sexual assault that took place at Occupy Wall Street’s…

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    Fallon Sorry For Bachmann Prank

    Welcome to USA High! Whatever your thoughts on Michele Bachmann, Jimmy Fallon’s band The Roots played a really poor choice of song to introduce Bachmann on his show. Fallon has now apologized for their selection,…